Sato Kendo 26 Date Model Labelling Gun

  • One Line Date Gun
  • Available in 6 Digit  ' 06MAR16'
  • Available in 8 Digit  ' 06.03.16 '
  • Uses 26mm x 12mm Wavy Edge Labels
  • A small size box of plain labels has 15k labels
  • A standard size box of plain labels has 45k labels

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£ 34.50

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About the Gun:

The Sato Kendo 26 Date Model is a low cost single line date labelling gun that has been designed for ease of use, because of this, label loading and ink roller changing is very straightforward and simplistic.
This date labeller can be used to print all numeric (ie ' 06.03.16 '), or alphanumeric (ie ' 06MAR16 ').

About the Labels:

The Sato Kendo 26 uses CT4 Labels, which measure 26mm x 12mm.
Labels are available in peelable, permanent or freezer adhesives.
Please note that this gun will only take standard CT4 26mm x 12mm labels.
CT4 26x12 labels with 'horseshoe' or 'U' cuts will not work.

Compatible labels include:

Plain Labels: box sizes are 15k labels and 45k labels. Colours available include White or Yellow.

Coloured Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Colours available include Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange.

Pre-Printed Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Labels colours available include White Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange. Pre-print colours are Black, Blue, Red, Green or Brown. Pre-printed labels allow you to have your shop name, location or contact details pre-printed onto your labels in the colours you want*.

*NB: Due to the print process, any combination of blue and yellow may result in a greenish appearance No responsibility will be accepted if this colour combination does not meet expectations.

If you can't find the labels you need, please contact us either by phone or e-mail to ask about our custom options.