Price Guns Nor 2/9 BO3

Pricing guns nor 2/9 - 7 Digit Pricing Machine.

Uses 25mm x 14mm Nor B castellated labels.

Labels can be plain or printed.

To see how to load the Nor 2/9 step-by-step - Click here.

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£ 49.50

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Price Guns - Nor/Sato 2/9 B03 Price Gun - Single Line - Castellated Labels

The Nor 2/9 & 3/9 B label guns are single line guns for easy to use pricing and labelling. One of the best guns on the market for standard pricing having been around for more than 30 years.

*Please note that the Nor 2/9 gun has been discontinued and our stocks are almost gone. The replacement model is the Nor 3/9 . It is guaranteed to take the same labels as the Nor 2/9. In buying from us the guns and labels are interchangable, this is not the case elsewhere. If we are out of stock of the 2/9 we will send the new 3/9 model.