Sato PB3-416 3-Line Label Gun - 42mm x 30mm Label

  • Available with one, two or three printheads.
  • Uses 42mm x 30mm Labels
  • Box size for plain white labels is 8k labels


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More details

About the Gun:

The Sato PB3-416 is available with 1, 2 or 3 printheads for up to 3 lines of variable print on 3 different sizes of label, making the versatile PB3 ideal for price reduction and any detailed on-demand labelling.

The advanced PB3 series is specially designed to meet the most demanding industrial, food and retail handlabelling applications. The PB3 series has the ability to print descriptions such as Price, Weight, Size, Stock No., Product Code, Lot No., Customer Code, Date and Time along with a variety of currency symbols.

About the Labels:

Plain Labels: Plain white, freezer adhesive labels, box size is 8k labels.