Sato Duo XL Bold Print Label Gun

  • One Line Label Gun
  • Prints 6 BOLD, clear characters (capable of prices up to £99.99)
  • Euro Compliant ( symbol is present on the first band)
  • Uses 16mm x 23mm rectangular labels
  • 45k plain labels per standard box

More details

£ 62.50

About the Gun:

The Sato Duo 20 XL pricing and labelling gun, consists of 6 BOLD clear numbers, capable of pricing up to £99.99. The gun is also Euro compliant, as it has the '' symbol on the first band too.
This is a single line version of the popular Sato PB220.

About the Labels:

The Sato Duo 20 XL uses 16mm x 23mm labels.
Labels are available in peelable, permanent or freezer adhesives.

Compatible Labels include:

Plain Labels: these labels are available in box quantities of 45k.

Coloured Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Colours available include Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange.

Printed Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Labels colours available include White
Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange. Pre-print colours are Black, Blue, Red, Green or Brown. Pre-printed labels allow you to have your shop name, location or contact details pre-printed onto your labels in the colours you want*.

Best Before Labels: White printed Red 'BEST BEFORE' Labels, standard box size is 45k labels.

Batch Number & Use By Labels: White printed Red 'BATCH NO' & 'USE BY', 45k labels per box.

Egg Box Labels: Minimum box size 45k, pre-printed with your information such as Company Name, Location etc. White Printed Red Labels

*NB: Due to the print process, any combination of blue and yellow may result in a greenish appearance No responsibility will be accepted if this colour combination does not meet expectations.

If you can't find the labels you need, please contact us either by phone or e-mail to ask about our custom options.