Nor B Pre-Printed Flourescent Price Gun Labels 25mm x 14mm

Nor B Price Gun Labels - 25mm x 14mm.

These Flourescent Nor B Gun Labels are available in three different colours, with various adhesives.

Up to 3 Lines of Pre-printed text can be determined in the product customization tab shown below.

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Flo Green
Flo Orange
Flo Red

£ 99.00

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Flourescent 25mm x 14mm Price Gun Labels for the 2/9 & 3/9 Nor B Price Guns.
Adhesives for these labels include Peelable, Permanent and Freezer.

Please call us if you would like to discuss having your labels pre-printed with any other colour as some combinations of label colour and pre-print colour may not be compatible, we are capable of producing labels with any colour pre-print.

*Please note colours shown in the image are as near possible - exact colour may not be reproduced on the web.

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