Food Labelling Printer System

Ideal for Printing Labels with Nutritional Values, Allergens & Ingredients

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Great low cost stand-alone or pc linked food labelling solution for all nutritional values food legislation

Food labelling for Nutritional Values, Allergens and Ingredients.
You will not find a more reliable system with all the features our printer has for the same price.

The supplied label design software allows you to create your own database specifically for your label.
You can design the label for keyboard input and the database will be created from data entered at the time of printing. This database is saved in "mdb." format, which can then be read and edited by spreadsheet or other database software.

The new food legistlation commencing in December 2014 and the subsequent nutrition labelling rules becoming mandatory in 2016 is a possible nightmare for companies preparing, packing and/or selling food to the public. Our low-cost system will, with our help, remove any worries you may have.

Not only does our system come with label design software, but we will also set up YOUR Label designs, so that when it gets to you it is ready to use.
There are occasionally minor teething problems when someone has a new system installed, but we are at the end of the phone to help and guide you should you have any questions.

We can provide this system as a printer and software system only or as a completely stand-alone solution using a mini-keyboard and/or barcode scanner, for easy label recall.
The keyboard allows the user to select and print labels saved to the printer's SD card.
With the scanner all information is recalled for printing via the scanning of barcodes.