Sato Promotional Labelling Gun

  • Two Line Label Gun
  • 13 promotional message on the top line
  • 6 Digits on the bottom line (prices up to £99.99)
  • Uses 26mm x 16mm CT7 labels
  • Plain label box sizes are 12k and 45k labels

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£ 55.00

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About the Gun:

The Sato promo gun is ideal for running promotions and sales, on the top line there are 13 different pre-set messages, such as 'SALE', 'HALF PRICE', 'OUR PRICE', 'NOW', 'DISCOUNT', 'Special Offer' and many more. (see image below for specifics)

There are 6 BOLD characters on the bottom line allowing for prices for up to £99.99.

The BOLD characters provide an instantly eye-catching label making this model especially effective for promotions. It prints BOLD characters in either Black or Red with the option to choose between two label types, wavy or rectangular.

Judo Promotional Labelling Gun

About the Labels:

Plain Labels: box sizes are 15k and 45k, available in either White or Yellow.

Coloured Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Colours available include Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange.

Outdoor Labels: box sizes are 9k Labels and 22.5k Labels. Plain White Permanent Labels.

Pre-printed Labels: box sizes are 45k labels and 90k labels. Labels colours available include White Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Beige or Orange. Pre-print colours are Black, Blue, Red, Green or Brown. Pre-printed labels allow you to have your company name, location or contact details etc pre-printed onto your labels in the colours you want*.

*NB: Due to the print process, any combination of blue and yellow may result in a greenish appearance No responsibility will be accepted if this colour combination does not meet expectations.

If you can't find the labels you need, please contact us either by phone or e-mail to ask about our custom options.