Sandwich Label Printer - Stand-Alone Labelling Printing System

Stand Alone, Portable, Mobile labelling system.

Bakeries, Sandwiches, General Food Products plus many other Applications.

There is not a system for producing sandwich labels to beat it for ease of use and price.

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£ 425.00

Sandwich Label Printer

This is a fantastic solution if you want to print your own labels without having to use a computer in the kitchen area as it uses a small footprint desktop thermal printer and mini-usb qwerty keyboard.

All labels are designed on a computer and downloaded to the printer or SD card. Simply take the printer and mini-keyboard to where you want to use it, plug it in, turn it on and you’re ready to go.

Printing made easy! Recall previously saved labels and, if requested, enter any variable info at the time of printing via on screen prompts e.g. enter date, enter price etc. and finally enter the Quantity of labels to be printed. Or you can store the complete label with an offset 'use by' date (typically one or two days ahead) and simply just enter the quantity of labels to be printed.

This system can be linked to an existing database e.g. Excel etc and the information imported directly into your label design.