TOWA APN-60 Label Applicator Gun

This model will handle labels with dimensions of between 25mm and 60mm width, and lengths of between 20mm and 60mm.
This Label Applicator has a maximum roll outside diameter of 100mm.

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£ 90.00


The most widely used label applicator, the TOWA APN-60 is incredibly versatile. It uses a 25mm Roll core.
The Towa range of applicators uses a special Sensor System enabling the applicator to detect the edge of the labels - this makes for pinpoint accuracy and easy dispensing. This function will work with the following label shapes: rectangular, circular, oval and square. Please call us if your labels differ from these shapes, as the applicator may still work as intended.


The Logistics and Couriering Industry - Used when applying mailing seals, address labels and tags. The applicator can also be used to apply barcode labels after printing by simply rewinding the labels and loading the applicator.

Food Production Industry - Fishmongers, Butchers, Bakers and others in this industry are encouraged to label products with the place of production, country of origin, cooking instructions and shelf live. The label applicator makes this task simple and hassle-free.

An optional Sponge roller is also available for labelling products which are easily damaged when labelling, such as eggs. If you require this option please call us.