Sato Duo and PB220 Price Gun Labels - Printed 'Batch No & Use By' 16mm x 23mm

The recommended two line gun model for Industry is the Sato Nor Duo.

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45k box

£ 87.00

Sato Duo & PB220 Gun Labels - Printed 'Batch No & Use By' - 16mm x 23mm

Label materials are specially selected to stand up to the rigorous demands of industry. Can you afford to take a chance that the labels, which have been so painstakingly applied to all of your products, might fall off the products due to poor adhesive and/or material qualities?

Labels showing Use By, Expiry Dates, Batch Numbers, QA codes  and alphanumeric coding and tracking data are typical examples of vital information which, if missing, can literally cost you dearly! Get it right first time and come to the specialists.

We are experts within the roll-fed labels and barcode labelling industry and we will be only too pleased to help and advise you in anyway we can.