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Nor Systems are the premiere suppliers of hand-held labelling guns, price guns and labels for both retail and industry.
We are experts in our field and all products are supplied with our full guarantee of satisfaction.
Our products include label and price guns for industry and retail, and we carry label gun and label solutions that meet the most rigourous of labelling application requirements.

Nor and Sato Price Guns and Labelling Guns

From basic label and price guns with 6 to 8 digits, to industrial labelling guns with up to 29 alpha-numeric characters that produce three lines of machine print, the Nor and Sato brands are renowned for their robust and accurate quality.
Nor 2/9 price gun & gun labels are renown and Sato gun labels and pricing guns are a worldwide brand.

Labels and Consumables For Nor and Sato Price Guns

Our price gun labels are produced from quality materials, with adhesives specifically developed for hard wearing use in both retail and industry. We provide labels that will fit all of our range of label guns, suitable for a vast variety of uses, from pricing, ‘used by’ and weatherproofed options, to customisable items with your bespoke text.
Nor Systems - providing the very best in price guns, industrial label guns and Nor labels.